Catalonië in de media

Nieuws uit diverse bronnen: daar zijn veel buitenlandse media bij, omdat de Nederlandse media naar verhouding erg weinig over Catalonië berichten.


Clara Ponsatí in Paris: They won't beat Puigdemont

21 december 2022 – The exiled Catalan government minister and MEP Clara Ponsatí has stated in a conference in Paris, at the debate space Le Maltais Rouge, that the Spanish government and judiciary will not be able to ‘beat Puigdemont, and nor will they be able to obtain the extradition of the former Catalan president.’

Feijóo blames crisis on Sánchez’s deals with Catalan independence movement

20 december 2022 – Leader of Spanish right praises court intervention and calls on Sánchez to reject ERC and join with PP on a bipartisan basis

Amnesty International concerned by Spain’s proposal of public order crime redifinition

24 november 2022 – Amnesty International has issued a statement criticizing some aspects of the reform of the Spanish penal code agreed between the Spanish government and ERC. While Amnesty considers the removal of the crime of sedition to be good news, the redefinition of the crime of public order may not guarantee the right of social movements to protest.

Catalan business and political world claim the Mediterranean railway corridor once again

17 november 2022 – Hundreds of businessmen have gathered on Thursday at the Barcelona International Convention Center to demand once more the Mediterranean railway corridor. Catalan president Pere Aragonès criticized the centralism of the Spanish government and asked to study and analyze whether the executive has diverted investments for the Mediterranean corridor towards other infrastructures.

First conviction from 2019 Tsunami march on Barcelona airport: 3 years’ jail, suspended

14 november 2022 – Prosecutor originally wanted 9 years' jail for student who took part in huge protest against Catalan leaders' convictions

Lies about the Catalan school system slip into the debate between Sánchez and Feijóo

18 oktober 2022 – The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, tells the Senate that “Spanish children cannot learn Spanish in Spain”

Junts's choice: who favours staying in the Catalan government, who supports leaving?

4 oktober 2022 – The grass roots membership of Together for Catalonia (Junts) will decide this Thursday and Friday whether or not the party should leave the Catalan coalition government led by Pere Aragonès, of the Catalan Republican Left (ERC). The general secretary of the party, Jordi Turull, announced the question for the consultation on Monday, thus also firing the starting gun for campaigns for and against the party's continuity in the government, which means that, in the end, all party figures will take a position.

Nederlandse ondernemer zegt te zijn bedreigd vanwege rol bij Catalaans referendum: ‘Pas maar op, je wordt nog ontvoerd’

3 oktober 2022 – Een Nederlands e-mailmarketingbedrijf werkte samen met een van de organisatoren van het referendum voor de onafhankelijkheid van Catalonië. De directeur ervan zegt dat hij daarom is bedreigd door de Spaanse geheime dienst.

Those injured on 1st October in Catalonia: a study shows the brutality of Spain’s police

1 oktober 2022 – Statistical study of referendum day injuries to 1.066 Catalans shows that in 80% of cases police actions breached protocol

Return to the schools recalls the night that made possible Catalonia's 2017 referendum

1 oktober 2022 – The eve of the 5th anniversary of Catalonia's independence referendum is marked at seven centres where police beat voters.

Jahrestag des Referendums: Tausende Katalanen fordern Unabhängigkeit

1 oktober 2022 – Heute jährt sich das Unabhängigkeitsreferendum Kataloniens. Tausende Menschen sind auf die Strasse gegangen, um für Unabhängigkeit zu demonstrieren.

Fünf Jahre nach dem Referendum: Ist die Luft aus der Unabhängigkeitsbewegung raus?

1 oktober 2022 – Fünf Jahre ist es her, dass prügelnde Polizisten in Katalonien versuchten, Menschen am Abstimmen zu hindern. Die Katalanen sollten an jenem 1. Oktober in einem umstrittenen Referendum darüber entscheiden, ob sich ihre Region vom Rest Spaniens lossagen sollte. Die Bilder des Abstimmungstags gingen um die Welt.

Junior partner Junts will ask members whether they should exit cabinet on October 6-7

29 september 2022 – Junts per Catalunya, the junior partner in the Catalan coalition government, will have party members vote to decide whether they should leave the cabinet they share with fellow pro-independence Esquerra on October 6 and 7.

Catalan government up in the air as junior partner contemplates leaving cabinet after VP’s sacking

29 september 2022 – The Catalan coalition government lives its most critical moments since it was sworn in in May 2021. The sacking of junior partner Junts per Catalunya's highest-ranking cabinet member, vice president Jordi Puigneró, has worsened the ongoing crisis.

Carles Puigdemont meets with ANC amid tension in the Catalan independence movement

16 september 2022 – Puigdemont and Dolors Feliu met in Northern Catalonia to share "strategic points" and prepare the upcoming 1st October event

Exiled former CUP MP testifies in Supreme Court over independence push role

14 september 2022 – Former CUP MP Anna Gabriel will appear before the Spanish Supreme Court on Wednesday morning to give statements to judge Pablo Llarena regarding her open disobedience case over her role in the 2017 independence push.
The far-left politician went into exile in Switzerland a few months after the fallout of the independence crisis in autumn 2017 and had spent years studying a Ph.D. in Switzerland, before making an unexpected return in July.

Catalan-language film ‘Alcarràs’ will compete for the Oscars

13 september 2022 – Carla Simón’s ode to rural farming and family life picked up the Golden Bear at the Berlinale International Film Festival in February

Diada march 2022: Catalan independentism beats demobilization and flexes its muscles

11 september 2022 – Catalan National Assemby march far exceeds last year's figures and brings together 700,000 people in another historic 'Diada'.

Llach: Catalan politicians have been pardoned, but not ordinary citizens. It's disgusting

9 september 2022 – The Catalan musician and activist asserts that both politicians and civil groups seem to have sought this demobilization

Spain’s top judge criticises the de-judicialization of the Catalan conflict

7 september 2022 – Spain's most senior judge, Carlos Lesmes, had complaints for all the politicians this morning at the annual ceremony to open the judicial year in Madrid. After demanding an urgent meeting between Pedro Sánchez and Alberto Núñez Feijóo to unblock the long-overdue renovation of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), judge Lesmes, far from distancing himself from the political sphere, stepped right into the mire of the negotiations between the Catalan and Spanish executives at their dialogue table.

Yet again, memorial denouncing Franco-era torture site in Barcelona is vandalized

6 september 2022 – Despite being under 24-hour police gaze, memorial lectern located in Via Laietana has suffered a new attack

Katalanische Unabhängigkeitsbewegung im Exil: Eine Frage der Grundrechte

5 september 2022 – Während prominente Figuren an Spanien ausgeliefert werden sollen, stellt sich die Frage, ob die rechtlichen Rahmenbedingungen dafür überhaupt gegeben sind

UN rules that Spain breached political rights of Catalan pro-independence leaders

31 augustus 2022 – UN Human Rights Committee states that Spain breached rights of Junqueras, Romeva, Rull and Turull by suspending them as MPs.

Spanien: Geheimhaltung reformieren, Leichen im Keller ruhen lassen

30 augustus 2022 – Presse- und Informationsfreiheit: Bis zu drei Millionen Euro Geldstrafe drohen Journalisten in Zukunft, wenn sie Staatsgeheimnisse offenlegen. Die sollen weiter bis 2073 unter Verschluss bleiben.

Let's take a step forward: video for the Catalan independence march on ‘Diada’ 2022

29 augustus 2022 – Catalan National Assembly finalizes its plans for September 11th rally, calling the whole independence movement to the street

Court discards interim imposition of 25% Spanish quota in Catalan schools

29 augustus 2022 – Pressure group Assembly for a Bilingual School had asked Catalan High Court to impose language quota in new school term.

Spanien: Der beschädigte Rechtsstaat

21 augustus 2022 – Spanien hat seit fast vier Jahren keinen regulären Justizrat, weil die oppositionelle Volkspartei seine Neuwahl blockiert. Die EU-Kommission ist besorgt – und droht.

Santi Colominas: It was our most traumatic experience, but it united us as a family

16 augustus 2022 – Two victims of the 2017 Jihadist attack on the Rambla talk about their experiences and the help they (eventually) found

Survey: PSC would win a Catalan election, increasing its lead over ERC and Junts

28 juli 2022 – The Catalan Socialist Party (PSC) increases its lead over the Catalan Republican Left (ERC) and would finish first in a hypothetical Catalan parliamentary election with a total of between 36 and 42 seats, according to the latest barometer of the Catalan research agency, Centre for Opinion Studies (CEO).

Northern Catalan senator appalled by Spain’s ‘lack of respect’ for Council of Europe

29 juni 2022 – Northern Catalan senator appalled by Spain’s ‘lack of respect’ for Council of Europe

Catalan government demands ‘guarantees’ before mending relations with Spanish executive

22 juni 2022 – In contrast, the Spanish minister reports an upbeat discussion of dialogue, investment, and Pegasus espionage issues

Colombia's new president saw what Spain did on October 1st, 2017 - and he spoke out

20 juni 2022 – Gustavo Petro, Colombia's new left-wing leader witnessed the Catalan independence referendum and denounced Spain's repression

Why two judges dissented in Supreme Court decision to review Catalan leaders' pardons

9 juni 2022The appellants' appeal has no other purpose than to defend a particular political position. This is the central argument expressed by two Spanish Supreme Court judges in their dissenting vote, in which they assert that there should have been no admission of the appeals presented by PP, Cs and parliamentarians, and Vox against the pardons granted a year ago to the nine jailed Catalan pro-independence leaders.

Puigdemont gibt Parteivorsitz in Katalonien ab

4 juni 2022 – Dies sei sein letzter Parteitag als Vorsitzender, sagte Puigdemont vor den Delegierten im südfranzösischen Argelès-sur-Mer. Künftig wird die Partei, die an der Regionalregierung in Katalonien beteiligt ist, von einer Doppelspitze geführt, dem künftigen Generalsekretär Turull und der Parlamentspräsidentin von Katalonien, Borràs.

Catalan activist Tamara Carrasco finally acquitted after four years of judicial ordeal

31 mei 2022 – The Spanish Supreme Court confirmed the acquittal of Catalan pro-independence activist Tamara Carrasco on Tuesday. The court has rejected the appeal presented by the prosecutor’s office to the Barcelona Provincial Court sentencing with 11 votes to six.

Spaniens Sprachenvielfalt ist auch Zankapfel

21 mei 2022 – Im spanischen Parlament sorgte kürzlich ein Streit darum, ob statt Spanisch auch Katalanisch gesprochen werden dürfe, für rote Köpfe. Der Vorfall sagt viel über den Umgang Spaniens mit den verschiedenen Sprachen im Land.

Pedro Sánchez sacks director of Spain's CNI intelligence agency over Pegasus case

10 mei 2022 – Paz Esteban falls due to the infection of the phones of the Spanish prime minister and several ministers

Terradellas testifies that Puigdemont gave him no assignment linked to Russia

11 mei 2022 – Catalan politician tells judge that Puigdemont gave no credibility to claims made by two Russians at 2017 meeting

Tientallen Catalaanse politici afgeluisterd met Pegasus spyware

19 april 2022 – De afgelopen jaren zijn telefoons meer dan zestig Catalanen, waaronder Europarlementsleden, juristen en de vrouw en medewerkers van Carles Puigdemont, geïnfecteerd en vervolgens afgeluisterd met Pegasus spyware.

Catalaanse regering eist opheldering van Spanje over tientallen hacks met Pegasus-spyware

18 april 2022 – Zeker 63 personen verbonden aan de Catalaanse onafhankelijkheidsstrijd, onder wie zeer prominente politici en activisten, zijn het doelwit geworden van hackpogingen met gebruik van omstreden spionagesoftware van het Israëlische bedrijf NSO. Dat blijkt uit onderzoek van Citizen Lab, een Canadese digitale waakhond.

How Democracies Spy on Their Citizens

18 april 2022 – The parliament of Catalonia, the autonomous region in Spain, sits on the edge of Barcelona’s Old City, in the remains of a fortified citadel constructed by King Philip V to monitor the restive local population. The citadel was built with forced labor from hundreds of Catalans, and its remaining structures and gardens are for many a reminder of oppression.

Catalan president backs sending arms to Ukraine, but ERC's Rufián and the CUP disagree

2 maart 2022 – Lack of unanimity on arms issue among Catalan pro-independence voices is also replicated in Spain's PSOE-Podemos executive

Josep Borrell takes advantage of the Ukraine war to put down Puigdemont

28 februari 2022Thank God, Zelensky is not one of those leaders who escapes hidden in a car, the EU foreign chief told reporters.

Puigdemont reacts to the racism of Borrell with MEP Kanko

21 februari 2022 – EU foreign affairs head calls Flemish MEP Assita Kanko a ‘member of African descent’ and Puigdemont responds: Unspeakable

Catalan government activates transversal group to respond to Ukraine war

25 februari 2022 – Eight Catalan ministries are part of group which will give special attention to ‘possible humanitarian crises’

Catalaanse ‘heksen’ krijgen gratie van het parlement

26 januari 2022 – Het Catalaanse parlement verleent gratie aan vrouwen die zijn veroordeeld en vervolgd voor hekserij. De Catalaanse president Pere Aragonès maakte eerder deze week de motie bekend tijdens de première van de documentaire Heksen, de grote leugen.

Catalan Parliament rejects compliance with 25% Spanish language quota in schools

27 januari 2022 – Once again, the Ciudadanos (Cs) political party has failed in their attempt to attack the Catalan language, and once again the parliamentary majority has expressed its support for the language immersion policy and the Catalan educational model.

Villarejo insists on linking Spanish State to 2017 terror attacks

12 januari 2022 – Villarejo assured that he has evidence of his statements in his files, which are kept secret

Villarejo accuses National Intelligence Centre of 17-A attacks: They wanted to scare Catalonia

11 januari 2022 – Former commissioner of the Spanish National Police, José Manuel Villarejo, has declared before Spain’s National Audience court that the attacks of August 17th, 2017, in Barcelona and Cambrils were the result of a "miscalculation" by the CNI, the Spanish intelligence service (CNI): "The CNI miscalculated the consequences of giving Catalonia a little scare". A definition for terrorist acts that killed 16 people and injured 140.

ERC and Junts demand explanations from Sánchez over 17-A terrorist attacks

11 januari 2022 – The pro-independence movement registers hearings in Congress and the Senate over Villarejo’s statements.

Forn, on Villarejo and 17-A: We have the right to know the truth

11 januari 2022 – Joaquim Forn, former Catalan minister of Interior during the 17-A terrorist attacks, has reacted to the revelation made by former police commissioner José Manuel Villarejo about what happened that day. >What is the Public Prosecutor's Office going to do, cover it up as the Congress of Deputies has done? We have the right to know the truth, said Forn on social networks after hearing the retired policeman's words.

Andorran bankers demand €141 million from Spain for Rajoy government's dirty war

8 januari 2022 – BPA owners affirm that Spanish state destroyed bank in anti-Catalan independence operation


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