Catalonië in de media

Nieuws uit diverse bronnen: daar zijn veel buitenlandse media bij, omdat de Nederlandse media naar verhouding erg weinig over Catalonië berichten.

International observers critical of Catalan independence court case

19 februari 2019 – SIX international observers at the trial of Catalan pro-independence leaders have criticised the court for allowing some of the defendants’ rights to be ignored.
In their report into the first week of the trial, which resumes today, they said members of the extreme-right Vox party were in charge of organising the crowds attempting to get into the Spanish Supreme Court in Madrid.

Van den Eynde: ‘The calm of the trial is artificial. We must break the mould’

18 februari 2019 – Junqueras and Romeva's lawyer accuses the court of ‘reducing the right to defence’.
The lawyer entrusted with the defence of Oriol Junqueras and Raül Romeva, Andreu Van den Eynde, is not against the fact that the trial will not be suspended if it coincides with the electoral campaign because "there is not much margin", since it would lengthen the stay of the accused in prison.

International observers warn of ‘crucial’ evidence missing in independence trial

18 februari 2019 – International Trial Watch has warned that ‘crucial’ evidence that was not admitted by the judges in the trial of Catalan independence leaders in Spain's Supreme Court could undermine the defendants' rights to a proper legal defense.
A report on the first week of the trial published on Monday by the platform of international observers also says that the missing evidence must be tracked throughout the trial so as to ensure that it does not end up affecting the defendants’ rights.

Day 3 of the trial of the Catalan government: Oriol Junqueras’ testimony

17 februari 2019 – The voice of the vice president of Catalonia, Oriol Junqueras, had not been heard for 469 days, since he was dismissed from his post and then remanded in custody on charges of rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds on 2 November 2017 by the Spanish High Court.

Hundreds of thousands march against Catalan trial

16 februari 2019 – Over 200,000 people marched through Barcelona today against the high-profile trial of Catalan independence leaders that started this week, according to Barcelona’s Guàrdia Urbana police. Organisers claim that 500,000 have taken part.
‘Self-determination is not a crime,’ read one banner at the front of the protest led by Catalan president Quim Torra.

“Grundrechte der Angeklagten wurden verletzt”

16 februari 2019 – Verfahren gegen katalanische Politiker könnte Spaniens Territorialmodell verändern. Gespräch mit Joaquín Urías.

Catalonia on Trial: The Spanish State vs. The Catalan 12

15 februari 2019 – Catalonia's right to self-determination: Europe's key struggle for democracy

UK Parliament speaker John Bercow says he would accept debate on independence

13 februari 2019 – John Bercow says MPs should have ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘immunity’ and remembers jailed leader Forcadell's visit. The speaker of the House of Commons at the UK Parliament, John Bercow, said that he would accept a debate on independence in the chamber. After a question by MP Hywel Williams, the chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Catalonia, Bercow said he would greenlight a discussion over a potential breakup of Wales.
It is of course entirely orderly for there to be a debate in this house on Welsh independence, he stated. Members enjoy immunity for the words they utter in this chamber, and can come to no grief as a result of their freedom of expression.

Catalans on trial: The EU has got Madrid’s back, no matter how hard police hit civilians

13 februari 2019 – The trial of 12 Catalan separatist leaders for holding what Spain deemed an illegal referendum is underway in Madrid. Nine are charged with rebellion and three face lesser charges of disobedience and misuse of public funds. Those accused of the most serious charges of rebellion could face up to 25 years in jail.

It’s not just Catalan separatists. Democracy is also on trial in Spain

13 februari 2019 – Tensions on all sides are high in Spain as the trial of the century gets underway this week, with a dozen Catalan leaders facing charges of rebellion and sedition for promoting a 2017 independence referendum. But Catalonia’s attempt to break free and Spain’s reaction are relevant well beyond the country’s borders.

The Catalan trials are political, regardless of what the Spanish Government says

12 februari 2019 – To deny the political dimension of the Spanish judiciary and its crusade against Catalonia’s political prisoners is to deny reality.

Catalan Leaders’ Trial Starts, and Spain’s Government Fights for Its Survival

12 februari 2019 – The simmering conflict over Catalan independence roared back to the center of Spanish attention on Tuesday, as 12 people went on trial for their roles in the botched secession attempt of 2017, and Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez scrambled to keep the issue from toppling his government.

Spain Overreacts to a Little Catalan Rebellion

12 februari 2019 – A trial of independence leaders treats their 2017 protests like a coup. That’s not what happened.

Catalan ‘rebellion’ trial puts Spain’s courts to the test

12 februari 2019 – Writing from his prison cell, the former vice-president of Catalonia knows he is facing a potential 25 years in prison for rebellion.
Oriol Junqueras is one of a dozen former political leaders facing trial over his region's independence bid in October 2017. Some stand accused of a violent uprising – one they say never happened.
There are no apologies – Mr Junqueras insists on his innocence, telling the BBC that the ‘trial is an action against an ideology and against political dissent’.
It's a judgement on democracy, he said, and one which creates a dangerous precedent for all of Europe.

Spain’s trial of Catalan separatists is worse than an outrage – it is a terrible mistake

12 februari 2019 – The Spanish government’s handling of the Catalonian independence movement is worse than a human rights outrage; it is a mistake.
The trial of a dozen separatist leaders on charges including “rebellion” and “sedition”, charges carrying sentences of up to 25 years in prison, ought to be unthinkable in country that is an established member of the European Union and a signatory of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Spain’s trial of Catalan separatists is an alarming act of state repression

12 februari 2019 – The most important political trial in Catalonia’s recent history is about to begin in Madrid. The trial is against members of the former government of Catalonia, the speaker of the Catalan parliament at that time and the leaders of Catalonia’s two largest pro-independence civil society groups.

Ouverture du procès des catalans: ne fermons pas les yeux!

12 februari 2019 – Parce qu'ils ont soutenu la mise en place du référendum d’autodétermination du 1er octobre 2017, des responsables politiques ou associatifs catalans risquent vingt-cinq ans de prison à l'issue du procès qui s'ouvre ce mardi en Espagne, s'indigne José Bové.

Katalanische Separatisten vor Gericht – der Vorwurf der Rebellion ist absurd

12 februari 2019 – Das Verfahren gegen die katalanischen Separatistenführer findet nicht abgeschottet im Gerichtssaal statt, sondern mitten in der Öffentlichkeit. Der am Dienstag beginnende Prozess gegen die Anführer der spanischen Separatisten in Madrid ist unter verschiedenen Aspekten ein politischer Prozess. Verhandelt wird eine politische Straftat: die Durchführung des illegalen Unabhängigkeitsreferendums in Katalonien vom 1. Oktober 2017.

‘Die unabhängige Republik bleibt unser Ziel’

12 februari 2019 – Der katalanische Premierminister Quim Torra verteidigt das verfassungswidrige Referendum von 2017. Und fordert die Freilassung inhaftierter Politiker, deren Prozess jetzt beginnt.

Catalan ‘rebellion’ trial puts Spain’s courts to the test

12 februari 2019 – Writing from his prison cell, the former vice-president of Catalonia knows he is facing a potential 25 years in prison for rebellion.
Oriol Junqueras is one of a dozen former political leaders facing trial over his region's independence bid in October 2017. Some stand accused of a violent uprising – one they say never happened.

Manuel Cancio: Vorwurf der Rebellion ist ungerechtfertigt

11 februari 2019 – War es Rebellion, als die katalanische Regierung 2017 über die Unabhängigkeit Kataloniens abstimmen liess? Um diese Frage geht es ab morgen vor dem Obersten Gerichtshof Spaniens. Im ‘Tagesgespräch’ ordnet der Strafrechtsprofessor Manuel Cancio den Prozess ein.

The Spanish Model of Democracy Facing Trial

11 februari 2019 – Tomorrow, on 12 February 2019 the most momentous trial of Spanish recent history will start: The Supreme Court will adjudicate on the criminal liability of the leaders of the Catalan separatist movement for their actions with respect to the so-called independence referendum of 1 October 2017. But, for various reasons, the relevance of the trial goes much further. The formal vicissitudes of the entire process raise doubts about the impartiality of Spanish judiciary.

Het ‘proces van de eeuw’ tegen Catalaanse separatistenleiders

11 februari 2019 – In het Spaanse hooggerechtshof begint dinsdag het 'Spaanse proces van de eeuw' tegen twaalf Catalaanse separatistenleiders die een rol hebben gespeeld in de onafhankelijkheidsstrijd in 2017. Dit is wat je moet weten over het megaproces.

‘Spanje zet ongehinderd de illiberale trend in Europa’

11 februari 2019 – Karl Drabbe en Christophe Bostyn spreken zich uit tegen de manier waarop Spanje omgaat met de Catalaanse onafhankelijkheidsstrijd: Wanneer politieke dissidenten vervolgd worden en voor lange tijd in de cel geworpen worden zonder dat dit alles ook maar iets losmaakt in de Europese machtscentra, moeten we ons ernstige zorgen maken.

‘Rechtszaak tegen Catalaanse leiders is aanslag op de Spaanse democratie’

9 februari 2019Het is een politiek proces, vindt oud-opperrechter Pallin. Deze maand komen de initiators van het Catalaanse referendum voor de rechter. Hun familie heeft het moeilijk: Het is heel heftig. Mijn man zit al 15 maanden in voorarrest.

Duizenden demonstranten in Madrid tegen premier en ‘verdeeld Spanje’

10 februari 2019 – Duizenden mensen zijn zondag de straat op gegaan in Madrid om te protesteren tegen overleggen van de Spaanse premier Pedro Sanchez om politieke spanningen in de regio Catalonië te kalmeren. De demonstranten willen een verenigd Spanje, terwijl er in Catalonië een sterke roep voor onafhankelijkheid is.

Spaniens Opposition läuft Sturm gegen Dialog mit Katalonien

8 februari 2019 – Konservative und Rechtspopulisten rufen zu einer Massendemonstration am Wochenende auf.
Dem spanischen Oppositionsführer Pablo Casado und seinem liberal-konservativen Bündnispartner Albert Rivera ist jedes Mittel recht, um die sozialistische Minderheitsregierung von Pedro Sánchez ins Wanken zu bringen. Mit ihrem Ruf nach einem starken Zentralstaat haben sie sich jetzt mit der rechtspopulistischen Partei Vox verbündet, um Sánchez’ Bereitschaft zum Dialog mit den Unabhängigkeitsbefürwortern in Katalonien anzuprangern. Mit seinem Zugeständnis, einen ‘Vermittler’ in die Gespräche mit den Katalanen einzuschalten, habe Sánchez eine rote Linie überschritten, so Casado, der den Regierungschef als ‘Hochverräter’ bezeichnete.

Spanish state vs Catalonia: putting a political trial on trial

7 februari 2019 – On February 12, the trial of 12 Catalan politicians and social movement leaders involved in the October 1, 2017 independence referendum is set to begin in the Spanish Supreme Court. The leaders face sanctions as harsh as 25 year’s jail for their alleged offences — rebellion, sedition and embezzlement of public funds.

Der spanische Prozess gegen den katalanischen ‘Procés’

3 februari 2019 – Die katalanischen politischen Gefangenen wurden nach Madrid verlegt, wo ihnen unter Ausschluss internationaler Beobachter der Prozess gemacht wird. Es kommt alles, wie erwartet. Zuletzt hat der Oberste Gerichtshof in Madrid den Prozesstermin gegen die katalanischen Politiker und Unabhängigkeitsaktivisten tatsächlich weiter verschoben. Er soll nun erst am 12. Februar in der spanischen Hauptstadt beginnen.

Catalan minister writes to 'El Nacional' in the hours before being moved to Madrid for trial

1 februari 2019 – Jordi Turull has written a letter to El Nacional describing his final hours in Lledoners prison in Catalonia and the transfer to Brians 2 prison this morning, where the male prisoners met again with Carme Forcadell and Dolors Bassa. They have all now just arrived in Madrid at the prisons they will be held in during their trial, expected to start in the coming days.

Catalonia should be independent state inside EU, says exiled leader Carles Puigdemont

30 januari 2019 – Region ‘has a clear desire to be part of European project as we feel profoundly involved.’ Exiled Catalan president Carles Puigdemont has spoken of his hopes to return home and for Catalonia to join the European Union as an independent state. Speaking in the Republic of Ireland's capital Dublin, the separatist leader also said he wants the political conflict with Spain to be resolved ‘peacefully’.

Gefängnisbesuch in Katalonien

30 januari 2019 – Auch in Spanien gibt es Untersuchungshaft ohne Anklage – Putin und Erdoğan wird es freuen, darauf hinweisen zu können.

All Eyes on Spanish Judiciary in Trial of Catalan Politicians

28 januari 2019 – Spain’s judiciary, which critics say is too cozy with the country’s dominant political parties, will come under intense scrutiny in the coming months as its high court holds a politically explosive trial of Catalan independence leaders accused of rebellion and sedition.
The historic Madrid trial in the Supreme Court of Spain is expected to start on Feb. 5, or perhaps later, and last about three months, gathering testimony from hundreds of witnesses and experts. A ruling is expected in August, according to El País, a Spanish newspaper.

Catalaanse gevangenen. Wij zwijgen niet

28 januari 2019 – Kamerlid Peter Luykx (N-VA) en Catalaans parlementslid Aurora Madaula (Junts per Catalunya) hebben op 8 januari een bezoek gebracht aan zeven Catalaanse politieke gevangenen in de gevangenis van Lledoners in Catalonië. Die zitten in voorhechtenis achter de tralies voor hun betrokkenheid bij het Catalaanse onafhankelijkheidsreferendum in oktober 2017. Sommigen van hen al langer dan een jaar.

Katalanische Politikerin seit 10 Monaten in U-Haft

22 januari 2019 – Damals, zu den Regionalwahlen im Dezember 2017, hatte Carme Forcadell Journalisten in einem mit Edelholz eingerichteten Büro empfangen. Statt im Büro sitzt Forcadell im Gefängnis. Sie trägt einen grauen Zweiteiler, sitzt hinter einer Glaswand und spricht hastig in eine Telefonmuschel, als ob sie Sorge hätte, eine Gefängniswärterin könnte sie ihr aus der Hand nehmen.

‘Die EU hat ihre Völker erniedrigt’

22 januari 2019 – Mit dem Sparkurs führe Europa einen Vernichtungskrieg gegen soziale Errungenschaften, sagt Schriftstellerin Virginie Despentes im Interview. Und einige bittere Wörter zu Katalonien.

Selectieve verontwaardiging

18 januari 2019 – Veel geblaat en weinig wol. De nieuwbakken eerste minister van Spanje, Pedro Sánchez Pérez-Castejón, maakte als vijftiende in de rij zijn opwachting om als regeringsleider zijn licht te laten schijnen over de toekomst van Europa. Gezien zijn zwakke positie (hij werd maar premier door het financieel gesjoemel en de val van de rechts-conservatieve regering Rajoy zeven maand geleden), trachtte hij angstvallig de kerk in het midden te houden tussen uiterst rechts en afscheidingsgezind links in Catalonië. Onder dreunende retoriek en zelfbewieroking nam hij stelling tegen – de niet nader genoemde – ‘vijanden van Europa’.

De échte politieke politie blijft in Spanje buiten schot

16 januari 2019 – Het was een groot schandaal in Spanje. ‘De Catalaanse politie probeerde bewijzen te vernietigen van illegale spionage, gericht tegen leiders van de Volkspartij’, riep tv-zender La Sexta. Niet alleen de conservatieven werden bespied. Ook andere partijen die tegen de onafhankelijkheid van Catalonië zijn werden zonder toestemming van de rechter in de gaten gehouden door de Mossos d’Esquadra, de big brother van de Catalaanse regering. Hetzelfde lot trof journalisten, advocaten en organisaties die niet gediend waren van de onafhankelijkheid. De Mossos zijn een politieke politie, klaagden oppositie en media. Een soort Gestapo.

Rundfunk-Chefs müssen vor Gericht

16 januari 2019 – In Katalonien sind zwei Direktoren öffentlich-rechtlicher Sender angeklagt. Die Programme hatten für das Unabhängigkeitsreferendum geworben.
Demonstration mit katalonischen Fahnen.
Weil sie illegalerweise für das Unabhängigkeitsreferendum geworben haben sollen, müssen sich zwei Fernsehchefs in Barcelona vor Gericht verantworten. Der Direktor von TV3 Vicent Sanchis und sein Amtskollege Saül Gordillo bei Catalunya Ràdio sind für kommenden Dienstag vor den Ermittlungsrichter geladen.

Spain’s Trial of the Century: Consequences of Attempted ‘Fake’ Catalan Secession

16 januari 2019 – Later this month, Madrid’s Supreme Court will be the setting in for Spain’s, and in some senses Europe’s, trial of the century. Those appearing are nine former holders of office of the Catalan regional government and parliament, which was in power between January 2016 and December 2017.
They are charged with having organized, over a number of years, a rebellion against the Spanish Constitution of 1978 with the aim of achieving independence of Catalonia.

Congress must prioritize human rights and democratic values in 2019

15 januari 2019 – Every two years we inaugurate a new Congressional session, and as we start anew there comes a new opportunity to make a difference -- to lead America in a new and better direction. I urge Congress, as it starts its new session, to do so on an international scale and recommit our nation to protecting human rights across the globe, specifically in Catalonia.
Why focus on Catalonia, you may ask?

A troubling trend: free expression under fire in Catalonia

11 januari 2019 – After more than 14 months in pre-trial detention, Oriol Junqueras, the former vice president of the Catalan regional government, is set to go on trial January 22, 2019, in Madrid on charges of ‘rebellion, sedition, and misuse of public funds’ — for his central role in organizing the October 1, 2017, referendum on Catalonian independence. That referendum was disrupted by the intervention of Spanish riot police, who seized ballot boxes and dispersed voters in brutal actions, after the Spanish executive and judicial authorities had declared the vote illegal. An investigation by Human Rights Watch concluded that police used excessive force when confronting voters and demonstrators, hitting non-threatening protestors with batons and resulting in 893 reported injuries.

Notfalls muss die Verfassung dran glauben

januari 2019 – Der Rechtsstaat kapituliert vor der Rechtsprechung, wenn Politiker aus Katalonien vor Gericht stehen

The trial of Catalan referendum leaders casts a long shadow over the EU's credibility

7 januari 2019 – One year has passed and Catalan politicians and social leaders are still in prison. The leaders responsible for the referendum of October 2017 have been kept in jail without bail or trial, accused of a rebellion that no one saw. If someone thought that this was a temporary state of affairs, that they would be released any time soon, reality has proven to be more durable than common sense.


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